Hyundai Dual Clutch Class Action

Hyundai Dual Clutch
Transmission Class Action

BBB National Programs, Inc. (“BBB NP”) is a nonprofit organization providing independent and impartial dispute resolution services to resolve disputes between a business and its customers. 


Hyundai Motor America (“HMA”) has agreed to participate in an arbitration process administered by BBB National Programs, Inc. to resolve disputes for claimants who have been denied  compensation by the settlement administrator under the terms of the class action settlement in the case of Wylie v. Hyundai Motor America (Civil Action No. 8:16-cv-02102-DOC-JCG). 


Please click here for information about the arbitration process, including the arbitration rules and the remedies you may seek. You can find more information about the class action and the settlement agreement at the following link:



Arbitration in this program is available only to settlement class members who were denied compensation by the settlement administrator. The arbitrator’s authority is limited to deciding whether a claimant is entitled to compensation under the terms of the class action settlement, and the decision of the arbitrator is final and binding on both parties. 





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