Vendor Privacy Program Certification

Vendor Privacy Program


Every vendor that processes personal data on behalf of its partners knows the challenge of demonstrating that it maintains the high privacy standards its partners require. Participation in our Vendor Privacy Program (VPP) allows you to readily demonstrate to current and potential partners that you have implemented an accountable privacy and security program based on internationally recognized standards.

Vendor Privacy Program's Impact

Organizations headquartered outside the U.S. use the VPP certification to demonstrate their responsible data processing practices to their partners, backed by BBB National Programs’ commitment to delivering independent accountability to privacy promises.


VPP-certified vendors must implement proportional security safeguards and trusted accountability mechanisms.


Along with the VPP Certification seal, certified vendors receive a custom findings report to demonstrate their trusted best practices to current and prospective partners.


BBB National Programs’ VPP Certification is designed to scale to the operational requirements of vendors of all sizes.

Requirements & Procedures


Vendors with a VPP certification make a public commitment that their data protection policies and practices—when operating as a processor of personal data on behalf of other organizations—will meet the established data protection standards outlined in the Vendor Privacy Program Requirements.


What Sets BBB National Programs Certifications Apart?


Service & Engagement

We provide one-on-one support for businesses of all sizes, at the ready to assist with navigating an initial certification, advising on best practices, or keeping you up to date on the latest benefits and legal recognitions that your certifications may bring you. Global Privacy Division Services

Compliance & Monitoring

We provide hands-on compliance assistance during certification and annual re-certification, helping your business align its privacy policies and practices with international best practices, and supporting your team in meeting ongoing administrative requirements. VPP Certification

Trusted Dispute Resolution

Our transparent dispute resolution procedures are trusted by consumers and businesses because they facilitate speedy, seamless, and fair resolution of privacy concerns. Complaint Handling Process




Requirements & Procedures


STEP 1: Confirm your company is eligible

  • Seeking certification for personal data you process on behalf of others (as a data processor or vendor)

  • Headquartered outside the United States. NOTE: If you are a vendor headquartered in the U.S., see our separate APEC PRP Certification


STEP 2: Submit the application form to BBB National Programs


STEP 3: Review and refine relevant data privacy policies and practices with a BBB National Programs certification specialist to confirm that they meet VPP Program Requirements


STEP 4: Receive your company’s customized findings report along with access to the BBB National Programs VPP certification seal




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