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  • App Publishers Privacy Tips

    They may be small, but mobile devices are powerful computers. And even though our smartphones may fit in the palm of our hands, we still expect them to act like regular computers, with icons for launching programs and menus full of easy-to-understand options and commands.
    Aug 2
  • National Advertising Division (NAD) West Coast Conference

    From the latest developments at NAD, to best practices when testing to support advertising claims, to “Made in USA” claims, close to one hundred attendees at the Second Annual NAD West Coast Conference on March 5th at The Ritz-Carlton in Marina del Rey, Los Angeles were treated to a full day of informative and lively panels on current topics of interest in advertising law.
    Aug 2
  • Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU): Business Privacy Tips

    Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals to take ownership of their online presence and inspire businesses to respect privacy. To celebrate, we’re sharing tips companies and small businesses can use to help ensure that a website or online service complies with COPPA.
    Jul 23
  • Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU): Consumer Privacy Tips

    In a world where social media, smart homes and connected devices have advanced so rapidly, we’ve all been struggling to catch up to understand the impact these things have on personal data protection.
    Jul 23
  • BBB Institute: Digital Literacy Privacy Tips

    The New Year often starts with resolutions about waistlines and career goals, but we offer you another to consider: building your knowledge about data privacy.
    Jul 23
  • CFBAI reports excellent compliance by CFBAI and CCAI participants in 2018

    CFBAI’s Report on Compliance and Progress During 2018 finds that all 18 CFBAI companies achieved full compliance with their commitments to advertise to children under age 12 only foods that meet CFBAI’s Uniform Nutrition Criteria or to not engage in advertising to children. The nine confection companies that participated in CCAI, a program modeled on CFBAI for small and medium-sized confection companies, also met their program commitments.
    Jul 17
  • BBB EU Privacy Shield Director Speaks at First Annual Privacy Shield Review

    On September 18, 2017, the European Commission (“Commission”) and U.S. Department of Commerce (“Department”) kicked off their first annual joint review of the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework (“Privacy Shield”) about one year after its launch in July 2016. To aid in the review, the Department invited representatives of two independent recourse mechanisms, including CBBB Vice President and BBB EU Privacy Shield Director Frances J. Henderson, to speak about their experiences and those of their participating companies during the first year of the Privacy Shield.
    Sep 18