BBB National Programs


At BBB National Programs, we understand that cultivating a great team is critical to advancing our mission to foster trust, innovation, and competition in the marketplace. Our staff is made up of talented, diverse, and highly-motivated professionals who continually seek out new challenges and opportunities to catalyze progress. Our workplace is an inclusive and dynamic environment that supports our employees and the meaningful work that they do.

BBB National Programs is a nonprofit organization where companies, industry experts, and trade associations work together to address issues of national and global importance and foster industry best practices in truth-in-advertising, child-directed marketing, data privacy, and dispute resolution.

BBB National Programs is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Job Listings

Here are our current job openings. Please click on the job title for more information, and apply from that page if you are interested.


Digital Media Manager

The Digital Media Manager will oversee and strategically grow the organization’s digital media efforts, primarily social media but also including podcasts, video/YouTube, as well as certain areas of the BBB National Programs public website.

Things are always changing in the digital realm, so the ability—and drive—to continually learn new things and readily adapt to change is an essential part of the job. So is the ability to think conceptually and analytically at the same time. You are a problem solver and a creative thinker. You are a team player. You will divide your time among reviewing key performance metrics, determining which content best resonates with an audience, and gauging content value. You will act quickly and thoughtfully while staying up on the latest digital trends. You will grow our social media audience and develop key relationships with our partners and the media on digital platforms. You will be able to write clearly and concisely while developing and cultivating a brand narrative.

Staff Accountant

This position supports the Director of Finance in carrying out the responsibilities of the Finance Department with accounts payable and accounts receivable, and certain payroll processes.

More Than a Job Description

BBB National Programs offers flextime, compressed work schedules, telecommuting, paid holidays, sick leave and a variety of other options that give our employees the balance they need to excel at their jobs. 

Location. Location. Location.

Located across from the Clarendon Metro Station and just footsteps away from over a dozen restaurants, BBB National Programs offices are conveniently located in the heart of Clarendon, VA. 

Competitive Benefits

BBB National Programs offers medical, vision, and dental coverage. In addition, we offer flexible spending accounts and a variety of insurance options. Looking to stay fit? We offer a fully-equipped on-site gym.

Retirement Plans

BBB National Programs helps employees progress not only professionally but also financially by offering a 401(k) plan.

Competitive Salaries

BBB National Programs knows that recognition for a job well done goes a long way, so we offer competitive salaries.